When you have currently connected the machine into the vSphere you may have viewed only one HBA that have gizmos

When you have currently connected the machine into the vSphere you may have viewed only one HBA that have gizmos

You’ve just bought a new memory card, a horsepower P2000 such as for instance, whenever your run the fresh esxcli nmp satp listrules | grep Hp while the shown towards screenshot lower than, you find you to vSphere has no a great SATP plug-in for it:

Several other HBA connected to the exact same storage may only show good “dead” roadway. No worries, why don’t we create a saying rule for usage on the VMware default SATP plug-into the number to your pursuing the command:

Rather contain a stating laws getting significantly more generic in order to be used along with Hp P2* models for-instance:

Make it, let it ferment, cool it regarding ice box, and take pleasure in

This will keep courtesy a beneficial restart, and you can a good restart can be used to put the laws on action. If you fail to restart, then you may make use of the after the demand so you’re able to end up in a great recover action:

in which are replaced with the new NAA of your volume you are functioning against. Like: naa.600601604450650012ea2d38053cdf31 Just like the recover is complete, rescan this new shop again as well as the the pathing for the LUNs would be readily available.

It can n’t have come feasible to take action article instead such widely available files, light paperwork, VMware KB’s and you will blog posts. I have been through all of them to prepare these two articles. I’ve in a lot of days content/insert pair traces and adding my opinion otherwise cards no matter if. I am listing them all right here and wish to thank the brand new experts getting publishing such as good and you may tips to your wider.

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Create sugar if wanted and cloves

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