SW Fathead sunburst anthias: 70 gallons+, 72-78? F, peaceful, demands of many hiding room, reef-compatible, would not harm other fish/corals/invertebrates, 1-dos anthias

SW Fathead sunburst anthias: 70 gallons+, 72-78? F, peaceful, demands of many hiding room, reef-compatible, would not harm other fish/corals/invertebrates, 1-dos anthias

Copperband butterflyfish: 72-78? F, quiet, reef suitable for warning, 125 gallons+, kept singly and never together with other butterflyfish, a great from inside the large sw people tanks, select within invertebrates kept singly and not with other butterflyfish, a higher sw community fish

Two spot bimaculatus blenny: ten gallons+, 72-78 F, peaceful, live material + caves having vales de descuento ardent covering up, a good having seafood of the identical varieties

Horseface blenny: 29 gallons+, 72-78 F, semi competitive, reef compatible, multiple diving account + of a lot stones, maybe not competitive until the latest container spouse has an identical figure so you can their profile, maybe not compatible with eels, sea horses, lionfish, light, and you may triggerfish

Starry blenny: 31 gallons+, reef compatible, quiet, 72-78 F, numerous diving accounts + alive stone + stones and you may caves, just one blenny until there is a more impressive tank plus it is actually a mated couple

Canary blenny: venomous, reef suitable, 29 gallons+, real time material expected, 72-78 F, get perceive fingertips as a good predator that can chew hands

Sailfin/algae blenny (jeweled rockskipper, stone blenny): 29 gallons+, reef suitable, silent, 72-78 F, live rock + caves called for, conclusion (same for everyone blennies): hops around the sand, perches on the real time rock, covers inside the caverns, peaceful to all the fish except similar sized of these

Tessalata eel: 180 gallons+, semi-aggressive, reef suitable for caution, 72-78 F, several material crevices, tight-fitting cover, takes octopus and squid

Fire coral eel: 72-78 F, 125 gallons+, semi-aggressive, reef compatible with warning, cover, tight-fitting lid, consumes squid + octopus

pixy/saw hawkfish: 29 gallons+, competitive, reef appropriate for warning, 72-78 F, usually consume small seafood and you can crustaceans, was aggressive towards the brief fish and you may peaceful fish, better kept with fish that are larger than in itself and also at minimum semi-aggressive

Flame hawkfish: semi-aggressive, 29 gallons+, reef compatible with alerting, 72-78 F, rock perches and hard corals try appreciated, may not get along with most other quick bottom hold fish: blennies and gobies

Longnose hawkfish: 30 gallons+, reef appropriate for alerting, 72-78 F, semi-competitive, tight-fitting cover, peaceful to many seafood not short fish otherwise invertebrates

Red-colored hawkfish: 30 gallons+, semi-aggressive, 72-78 F, uses anemones and large-polyped corals to have security, keep in small communities (if they are all of the lead at the same time), can get consume short fish

Purple striped dottyback: 30 gallons+, 72-78 F, reef compatible, competitive, concealing towns expected, would be housed that have larger fish which can be no less than semi-aggressive, will eat attractive shrimp


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Neon dottyback: 31 gallons+, reef compatible, competitive, 72-78, makes excellent predator for bristle viruses, aggressive towards quick silent seafood, consumes pretty shrimp

SW Porcupine puffer: 180 gallons+, maybe not reef compatible, semi-aggressive, 72-78 F, you will nip during the other fish’s fins, will eat invertebrates

Blue-spotted puffer: 50 gallons+, peaceful, reef appropriate for alerting, 72-78 F, may consume invertebrates, gets concerned when in web (import in various container), an excellent tankmates: light, tangs, wrasses, triggerfish, sea horses

Leopard puffer: 31 gallons+, peaceful, reef suitable for warning, 72-78 F, will get consume invertebrates, not good whenever directed having net

Spiny box puffer: 180 gallons+, not reef compatible, 72-78 F, semi-aggressive, maybe not competitive to your those who work in it’s own family relations, might nip from the slow as well as much time-finned fish

Seat valentI puffer: 30 gallons+, reef suitable for warning, 72-78 F, peaceful, you’ll consume invertebrates, don’t transfer into the web

Covered seahorse: 31 gallons+, reef compatible with warning, quiet, 68-78? F, finest in a pair or small percentage, becomes plus brief shy seafood such as for example gobies & firefish not aggressive fish

Dwarf seahorse: 72-78? F, quiet, 10 gallons+, for 1-2 seahorses good 5 gallon is appropriate, ideal cuatro+ seahorses, that have 10+ seahorses ten gallons or maybe more