Style of 2’s is actually nice, empathic, and matchmaking-founded

Style of 2’s is actually nice, empathic, and matchmaking-founded

This new Enneagram try a powerful product to own psycho-spiritual increases. It doesn’t put anyone within the a beneficial ‘box’. It assists united states work on our very own nuanced personality variations by the tapping towards the our book shadows and you may characteristics.

The fresh new enneagram includes nine guidance regarding individual mindset that will us diving deep toward our very own unconscious, and also the collective involuntary.

What is the Enneagram?

The newest Enneagram are a powerful tool and you will typology program private innovation. It is a variety of system one makes reference to the human being identity as 9 certain “designs,” called Enneatypes. The purpose of the latest Enneagram isn’t so you can ‘box in’ anyone to a particular selection of qualities. This new 9 models is ‘archetypes’, and so they portray universal properties that all of you feel the possibility to exhibit. While every and each folks is likely to resonate with one certain place from characteristics, that doesn’t limit the range of our characters.

This specific system for personal advancement, religious conversion process (if a person was offered to it) and you will possible cumulative recovery and you may conversion is due to the latest Greek “ennea,” definition 9, and then have Greek “grammos”- a symbol. The fresh Enneagram is illustrated by a circle connecting the fresh new nine items for the an excellent nine-point drawing. This type of 9 identity systems portray activities out of considering, impression, perceiving and you will in accordance with someone else, as well as root battles, forecasts close behavior and you may attitude, and almost all regions of your lifetime conclusion and possibilities.

Reputation of the brand new Enneagram

The particular roots of your own Enneagram try quite unknown, and then have a slight puzzle. It is considered that this unique program for care about- advancement stems to Ancient Greece, mainly due to the fresh new origins of your own word in itself; not, it’s good synthesis of a number of religious life style, along with Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism and you can Hinduism. But really, new Enneagram isn’t spiritual. It is, yet not, a hack to your speed out of religious waking and you will conversion process, and that however occur that have understanding ourselves during the an energetic and you can holistic ways.

The individual accountable for bringing the Enneagram on the West Community, perhaps acting as a good “bridge” or live messenger between old and you may the last few years, was the brand new esoteric and you may philosopher George Ivanovich Gurdjieff. But not, Gurjieff didn’t highlight personality products. The finding and you can creation of the new nine enneatypes are accomplished by Oscar Ichazo and his awesome supporters.

The brand new Nine Identification Brands

Reformers, or “types of 1’s,” are perfectionists and you may packed with mission. He or she is notice-controlled and you will focus on integrity in most which they manage. Kind of 1’s have a very good sense of the fresh new “right” and you will “wrong” cure for do things, and are usually idealistic which have good principles, viewpoints and you can morals. Self-confident characteristics and you can attributes include are sincere, in control and you may reliable. Sort of 1 shade attributes? They can be most judgemental, intolerable and you may uncompromising! 1’s are known for their highly vital characteristics (financial firms due mainly to being thus idealistic with high morals).

He has got a strong wish to be adored, bring like, and usually manage other people. Helper/Form of 2’s well worth comfort and balance when you look at the relationships and regularly discover on their own taking up good mediating otherwise diplomatic role. not, they may be able possibly refuse their unique means to create someone else happier, and become also notice-compromising. Most other shadow faculties become becoming unsuspecting and you can severely codependent. Although not, Sort of 2’s was legitimate, caring, a great audience, and you can a strong mental assistance system of these they love.

Personality types of 3’s are passionate so you can excel, success-oriented, energetic and you will practical. They provide their attention to help you glory, profits otherwise fortune and you may aren’t bashful of fancy, or becoming on limelight. Highly flexible, high-flying and generally winning in all it put the notice so you can, Sorts of 3’s work nicely with people and certainly will promote effortlessly. A primary fuel is their psychological partnership and you can intelligence, which they play with and you will station to the providing something over. Trace elements in their eyes tend to be becoming looking forward, excessively competitive, being unsure of when to grab some slack regarding works, and you can attending to too-much on the exterior supplement otherwise materialism.