I love his phrase ” Imagination is more important than knowledge”

I love his phrase ” Imagination is more important than knowledge”

I like so much the explanation of his theory. I advice you if you want to know more about him, you should watch “Genius”. It was released months ago in National Geographic. Genius is nominated for 10 Emmy Award categories, including Best Limited Series and Geoffrey Rush for Best Actor in a Limited Series. 🙂

Hello, this is my second writing:OVERCOMING AN OBSTACLEI am a student who overcame an obstacle when I was thirteen years old. Playing on the computer was my obstacle. When I was eleven and twelve years old, I played on the computer for many hours. My parents talked me that I must not turn on the computer, but when they were not at home, I turned it on. At school, I did not have good grades. I did not study. Maybe, I could have been an adicted person. I had to take a decision. There were two options. First, If I lived with my father, I would have a computer and internet. Second, If I lived with my mother, I would not have a computer and nor internet, but I decided for this option. Living with my mother changed my behavior because I could study a lot. I could improve my grades. Now, I am studying laws at San Marcos university.To conclude, I could overcome my obstacle because I left the adiction when I decided to live with my mother.

WAOOOO. this kind of obstacles can have a big impact in the routine life especially when you don’t take the control. I consider that children have to study without a computer or without any distraction because it affects their mind and brain.

In the summer of 2009, My parents had a big problem, so my mother went to Ventanilla and my father continued living at Rimac

I completely agree with you. I have read some articles about pros and cons of technology. It could help simplify our lives, also it could appear new addictions for children and adults. 🙂

Doctors and Patients could take better decisions for treatment

Hi, This is my essay.Saving money with Genetic testingIf you are the kind of person who likes to have a good health and save money, you should read this essay. Genetic testing has revolutionized the Medical treatments. It could save your life from some desease and save money. Nowadays, Some couples do it before they have a son, but now you are asking you what the reason is. The reason is simple. They want to know what desease their sons could have and prevent it.

Genetic testing, nowadays, is very expensive. Many people would like to practice it and knowing what disease could develop, but let me say to you: “Do not worried!” The Genetic testing technology is advancing. In few year after, It will be accessible for your wallet and the results of genetic testing are going to be more reliable. Majority of Doctors say “A good diagnosis could save your life”. That is true because the doctors will give you a treatment that it would attack directly to the disease.

In addition, Genetic testing would prevent desease and this is the best way to save money because generally the treatments are expensive or they are sometimes very long. When you have a desease , you must pay the Doctor, treatment, pills, transportation, food and other, but if you take a genetic testing before you have a desease, you would prevent it. So, you would just pay the doctor for reading the result and give you a good diet and some suggestions asian tinder sex.