I after that checked out separately the fresh contacts off potassium and you may magnesium out of products which have danger of heart attack

I after that checked out separately the fresh contacts off potassium and you may magnesium out of products which have danger of heart attack

By need for blood pressure because a danger foundation for coronary arrest, i held analyses stratified by history of blood pressure level in the baseline

Neither usage of potassium pills (RR=0.78; 95% CI, 0.69 to 1.22) neither entry to magnesium pills (RR=0.85; 95% CI, 0.55 to one.32) was in the likelihood of full or ischemic heart attack in analyses modified having ages merely, however, use of potassium capsules turned into strongly inversely relevant just after adjustment for reputation for hypertension (RR=0.55; 95% CI, 0.35 in order to 0.86). History of blood pressure levels is an effective separate exposure factor to possess coronary attack (RR=dos.8; 95% CI, dos.step one, step three.7) and is associated with usage of potassium capsules (46% of 1248 complement profiles was indeed hypertensives, compared to 19% out-of nonusers). The latest inverse connection between access to potassium pills and threat of stroke inside multivariate analyses is actually separate off fat loss consumption regarding nutrients, and additionally potassium, magnesium, and dietary fiber, and you can is actually stronger certainly boys which have low slimming down consumption of potassium, magnesium, and you will cereal fibre. The new RR researching the big for the bottom quintile away from potassium consumption try 0.39 on reduced tertile regarding a dietary score, like the step three diet, 0.57 among, and 0.86 on the higher tertile. To help test new theory that use regarding potassium products decrease the possibility of coronary arrest, we opposed men which stated playing with pills in 1986 and you may 1988 which have men just who never ever made use of drugs. Within the six remaining several years of go after-upwards, the new multivariate RR away from complete heart attack among supplement users was 0.30 (95% CI, 0.twelve, 0.85; P=0.02); the possibility of stroke has also been shorter among men just who reported having fun with potassium tablets merely within the 1986 (0.46; 95% CI, 0.twenty-two, 0.98; P=0.05) although not among males whom come bringing supplements within the 1988 (step 1.07; 95% CI, 0.55, dos.11).

Inverse contacts between nutrient intakes and you may likelihood of heart attack have been noticed merely certainly hypertensive males (Numbers dos and you will 3 ). In the analyses limited to people getting diuretics from the baseline, by yourself or even in integration along with other antihypertensive medications, the fresh new RR off coronary arrest to have users regarding potassium supplements in contrast to nonusers are 0.thirty six (95% CI, 0.18, 0.72; P=0.004). Both soluble fiber and you can cereal fibre was in fact rather inversely on the exposure out-of coronary attack certainly one of hypertensive (RRs getting a beneficial ten-grams rise in consumption was in fact 0.59 and you will 0.33, respectively) yet not certainly normotensive (RRs was in fact 0.88 for both) guys.


Contained in this higher possible study, we unearthed that people having diets high inside potassium, cereal soluble fiber, and you can magnesium got a dramatically smaller risk of coronary attack. This type of inverse connections was basically simply partly told me by the nondietary exposure factors however, had been solid and you can extreme simply among men that have identified hypertension. No tall associations had been found ranging from consumption off sodium and you can calcium supplements and you will likelihood of heart attack.

5 21 Within the a ong Japanese men within the Their state, potassium intake try inversely linked to threat of fatal thromboembolic coronary attack (RR toward most readily useful in place of the base quintile of consumption=0.step three, P having development=0.002) but not which have danger of nonfatal thromboembolic coronary attack (RR=0.87, P to own development=0.12). 2 The fresh new weak association with nonfatal events isn’t inconsistent with a protective effect, having become diluted of the mistake in the single twenty four-hr recall– based dieting evaluation. In randomized trials, higher potassium intake has actually brought men seeking women hookup ad about smaller losing blood pressure levels, especially among hypertensive subjects. 6 seven This perception, yet not, was smaller than average are only able to partially give an explanation for solid inverse connection found in this study. At the same time, changes for baseline blood pressure level got nothing affect the latest estimated RRs linked potassium intake so you can coronary arrest frequency, and potassium intake was not a critical predictor out-of threat of blood circulation pressure within cohort. 14 Solution mechanisms suggested include the suppression out-of 100 % free major formation, vascular effortless muscles expansion, and you will arterial thrombosis. twenty two But not, such outcomes have been developed by experimental increases inside solution potassium concentrations inside the pets, in addition to their benefits so you can humans was not sure. Large potassium consumption could possibly get improve serum levels, particularly if consumption are lowest or salt intake is large, 22 and could therefore slow down the risk of hypokalemia certainly one of males within high-risk on account of diuretic cures. Diuretic-created hypokalemia may increase the threat of ventricular dysrhythmia. 23 twenty four Though no enhanced death from cardiovascular disease and other causes are located certainly boys which have low gel potassium in two earlier training, 25 26 neither are adequate so you’re able to select a particular association anywhere between serum potassium and you may risk of stroke.